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The law firm "Jovović, Mugoša & Vuković," founded back in 1984, has built a reputation over all these years as a progressive, successful, and leading law firm in Montenegro.

Our team comprises over 30 members at almost any given moment, including experienced lawyers with extensive tenure, talented young legal professionals, and experts from various fields who support our daily work.

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Experience and Expertise

Our law firm proudly provides legal services for a full 40 years. With rich experience and expertise, we are dedicated to protecting your interests and providing legal assistance in various legal areas.

Rudolf Von Ihering

"Justice is the fundamental virtue of society, and the law is the tool that achieves it."

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide justice and protection to every client who approaches us. We believe in transparency, integrity, and dedication to work in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

Wendell Phillips

"The law is the pillar of society, and we are the pillar of justice."

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We believe that all investments and efforts in establishing the Business Registers Agency cannot be measured against the benefits that its establishment would bring us, and that ultimately it would be a worthwhile investment, facilitating citizens and businesses' access to necessary data, thereby improving operations and positively impacting the economy of Montenegro.

Bojana Nikčević

Attorney at Law

In July 2023, the Government of Montenegro submitted to the Montenegrin Parliament the Draft Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code of Montenegro. The reason for the amendments to the Criminal Code of Montenegro is to align it with the conventions of the Council of Europe and the United Nations, the legal standards of the European Court of Human Rights, and other international documents.

Bojana Žugić

Trainee Lawyer

We believe that, as ChatGPT itself suggests, it can be helpful in addressing certain legal issues, but it can never replace lawyers. Instead, the irreplaceable resource - the human brain - will be left room to deal with complex problems that require not only broad legal knowledge but also developed social and emotional intelligence.

Anja Tičić

Trainee Lawyer

Experience. Reliability. Practicality.

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