In Montenegro, legal profession is an independent and autonomous activity of providing legal aid to physical and legal persons.

Legal profession may be only practiced by a lawyer who had obtained degree in Bachelor of Laws (4 years course).

A lawyer can be enlisted as the attorney-at-law upon the passing of the bar and attorney exams, and following the admission to the Bar Association.

Autonomy and independence of profession of the attorney-at-law is provided by:

  • Independent performance of the legal profession.
  • The client's right to free choice of attorney-at-law.
  • Organization of attorneys-at-law in the Bar Association of Montenegro, as autonomous and independent organizations of attorneys-at-law.
  • Adoption of general legislation by the Bar Associations.
  • Deciding on admission to the Bar Associations and the termination of the right to practice law under the reference of the attorney-at-law.

Provision of legal aid includes:

  • Providing oral and written legal advice and opinions.
  • Writing petitions, requests, suggestions, applications, legal remedies, and submissions.
  • Drafting contracts, testaments, settlements, statements, general and individual acts and other documents.
  • Representation and defense of individuals and legal entities.
  • Mediation for the purpose of concluding a legal transaction or the peaceful settlement of disputes and contentious relationships.
  • Providing other legal aid on behalf of national or foreign physical or legal persons, based o which to exercise their rights and protect freedom and other interests.

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