National tax system is compatible with tax systems of developed EU countries and directives, regarding types of taxes and regarding procedures of determining collection methods and audit procedure. Tax system is founded on direct and indirect taxes. 

System is modern, flexible and consistent. National tax rates are competitive and stable (i.e. they are not subjected to frequent changes). 

Tax reforms in Montenegro started in 2001 through the amendments of tax legislation with the intention to adjust local fiscal system with European Union standards. Montenegrin tax system comprises the following tax forms:

  • Excise.
  • Customs.
  • Value added tax.
  • Corporate profit tax.
  • Personal income tax.
  • Contributions for mandatory social insurance (pension-disability insurance, health insurance and insurance from unemployment).
  • Tax on immovable property.
  • Tax on turnover of immovable property.
  • Tax on insurance premiums.
  • Tax on usage of passenger motor vehicles, vessels, aircrafts and flying objects.
  • Tax on turnover of used motor vehicles, vessels, aircrafts and flying objects.
  • State fees (administrative, court, registration).
  • Charges for use of natural and other goods of general interest (for forests, waters, mineral resources, maritime resources).
  • Municipal (local) taxes (surtaxes, charges and fees).

Local taxes have been introduced with the municipality regulations, in accordance with state level laws that define basic elements for their payment (taxpayer, tax base, range of rates and etc.); some tax forms are introduced by special laws.

In addition to aforementioned, Montenegro has signed 42 double taxation prevention treaties, with various countries on subjects of income and property. From that number, 36 treaties are effective; remaining 6 treating are still pending, i.e. they are in procedure of the ratification.

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