We believe that relation between the client and the lawyer must be accordingly precisely and transparently regulated.

Cooperation between the law firm and the client must follow minimal number of phases:

  1. The client and/or outsourced attorney makes first formal contact to the law firm. They provide name of the parties and attorneys involved in the case. General briefing about the case is done. Non-disclosure agreement is executed between the client and/or outsourced attorney and law firm. 
  2. Conflict of interest checking is performed. Law firm performs KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) inspection with respect to personal information provided by the client.
  3. The client and/or outsourced attorney discuss the case in more detailed manner with our lawyers, in order to identify scope of work, define case deadline and budget for the services. No fee is charged for the initial consultation.
  4. Law firm delivers to the client a letter of engagement, containing the most important aspect of future cooperation. Upon execution of the document, the law firm and client may proceed with execution of the agreement on providing of legal services. The General terms and Conditions are accordingly be incorporated in the agreement on providing of legal services. 
  5. At this phase, the client and/or outsourced attorney needs to produce to the law firm respective powers of attorney, deliver detailed information and disclose all relevant documents (e.g. evidences etc.).
  6. Law firm performs analyse of information and documents and request explanations, clarification etc. If possible, additional meetings are held, conference calls are scheduled etc. 
  7. Engaged lawyer creates preliminary opinion ("first draft").
  8. Preliminary opinion of the lawyer is inspected and formally verified by the law firm's partners ("second draft"). Document is sent to the client and/or outsourced attorney for review and amendments.
  9. Client and/or outsourced attorney deliver review and amendments to the second draft.
  10. Agreed services is provided by means of serving of the final draft ("third draft") to the competent authority and/or person in charge, or undertaking of procedural actions etc.

During aforementioned ten phases, certain ethical standards must be followed.

In addition to ethical standards imposed by the Bar Association of Montenegro, we apply standards of the Ethical Code of the International Bar Association (the document may be downloaded here)

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